so ironing the prints worked ok, you can still see it but i dont really care anymore.

the big print came and it looks really great… except they printed it wrong meaning one quarter of the picture has to be re printed. yey!


Sunday in Norway

After the total stress of the last few weeks i have spend the day doing absolutely nothing, and its wonderful. My bags are still on the floor and just left the house to walk the dog and to get a long slow coffee with a friend. the only concern in my head is missing out on x factor when im here (IM SO SAD) but even that is sorted, cuz there is actually lots of sad ppl out there who put it up so i can download it. Over the last months is been one of those things that both me and my boyfriend takes time off work to sit down and watch, just as an excuse not to do anything at all. It’s nice.

Tomorrow I’m off to the gallery to start setting up, and i haven’t even looked at the work since i got here, but im sure flying went fine, its all wrapped up and dont seem to have any damage to it luckily! I’ll also be borrowing my dads camera this week to try and make some time lapses! My camera (nikon d40x) cant do it without me buying stupid things and stupid software, but my dads nikon d200 should do the job fine! I’m excited! And DSLR time lapses look really great. Will be shooting in raw, correcting in photoshop lightroom and making the films using the animation function in photoshop! I wonder if my dad has any lights standing around? Will ask tomorrow!

Here is a one i found of oslo at night that was made with a digital slr, im heading to oslo next monday for some sightseeing and friendseeing, should be good!

Oslo by Night – DSLR Timelapse Demoreel 1 from oyvinto on Vimeo.

I really dont like eating breakfast

I really dont like eating breakfast, its like a chore, and having to eat the same cereal every day just makes it worse, but i dont have time for anything else…

anyways, soon i will have time for something else!! I’m pretty much done with everything that needed to be done, today i just have to write some emails, fill in another application form and have a bath before i start packing! I’m flying home on saturday and hopefully the prints for the show will be ok in my suitcase and the big print should be waiting for me when i get home! It’s being printed by the really nice people at BK Trykk, and they are mounting it for me as well, it wont cover the whole wall but its still gonna be pretty big, around 2.2 x 2.2 meter! I’m so excited now, but also really exhausted!Had my project proposal presentation yesterday witch went pretty good i think, at least ok… i wasn’t very prepared tho…

i’m looking forward to getting my head around the project and start making some work, i think im gonna start off by trying some small time lapses, maybe even try to convince my boyfriend to let me use his light cube and lights…

Will post some picks from the exhibition sooooon!!!!!!!!!! YEY!!!


Seriously running out of time to finish my proposal but will do my very best, i just had to post this painting by Arcimboldo, i used to love his paintings as a child and i think this one is pretty cool;

Stress face = ON

Yes, thats right, my stress face is on, probably permanently. BUT there is a light at the end of the tunnel, a big bright lighthouse type light, with little LED lights around it and glitter pumping out (its far a way tho but its so bright i can see it from here).

I have 3 major things on my todo list that i been dealing with for the last weekish:

-Project proposal
Reading, making notes and not actually writing it and general procrastination

-Norway exhibition
Makeing a 3.4 meter by 3.2 meter print, prepping 19 other images for print, finding the right paper and place to             print them, pluss finding a way to get them to norway and printing the big print, and financing the whole thing.

-New flat
Finding a guarantor for the fla,t that eventually didnt work, then finding 6 month rent + deposit that i have to pay        on friday.

All in all just really great fun… Getting there tho, signing contract on friday, and printing on friday, and then the proposal is due next week so then it will all be fiiiine! Woo!

Went to the science museum this sunday, witch was lots of fun, and i think EVERYONE should go see the installation “The Listening Post” witch is jsut realy really amazing, i’ve been to see it 3 times now, and always spend 30 min to an hour just sitting in the room;


I was gonna write a big long blog about all the cool things i saw at the science museum yesterday but i cant. i forgot my charger and now my laptop will die soon, maybe tonight.