Updated Video Screenshots

Here are some more pict on the after effects thingy im rendering now, ive just made it 720 instead if 1080, im just making it for fun really, and 720 is good enough for online stuff…


New video stuff

Im making some new shorter videos at the moment, just for fun really…
here is screen shot of the one im rendering now, just made it quicly with some of the butterfly stop motions from ages ago:


Muuuuuuu, my Western Digital Media player has not arrived yet!!! WHERE ARE YOU???? Bill ordered the same day as me, and he has gotten his, maybe its coming today! it better doooo! And so does my projector!

we are taking my plinth to uni on monday, and i want to have it ready by then! I need the projector to make the hole in the plinth, but if its not here today we have to guestimate the hole!

Anyway, i got an email form Bill about the media player, and he mentioned that it does not have a loop button, so i did some research and found out that the looping only works if its the only thing on the hard drive, so basically it will loop everything on the harddrive. So that means i have to empty out a hard drive, luckily i have a few spare!!

Anyway in the same forum i found out that the media player appears to play H.264 best, as they are smaller files, so with some difficulty and help of this tutorial http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EEzTYh3f8Ww i am exporting another version of my film. And i might do another one at a different frame rate later too, just so i can find out what looks best!

Final Video Update

So earlier this week i had a little panic, the video render was soo slow it would not have finished in time for the show, and the size of the video would have been far to big to play smoothly even with my media player box thingy. So i did what everyone would do in the situation: i asked facebook for help, and it worked just like i knew it would, because i have great friends, and some of them (or rather alot of them really) are film people.

So with the help of Matt King I came up with a plan: Basically my film has way to many layers and most of those layers are far bigger then they need to be. When i started making the videos that the piece is put together of i did not think that far ahead, and they are all like super big, and then scaled down in the final look, its too much for my poor computer to handle. So i rendered  together some of the components of the film before i did the whole thing; so the 50 individual raspberry time lapses became one raspberry time lapse. I did the same with the butterflies, the meat and various other bits and pieces. The majority of my piece is mirrored, and only needed to be half the size of the final comp size, so after i had rendered all the components in to videos, i put them back in, and then i reduced the size by 50% and rendered again. It was going much smoother then before thanks to all the work i had done, but when it had 2 min left to render it failed, due to some error with keylight, the plugin i used to remove the green or blue background on the animations. So after a bit of tweeking i figured out how to get it to render again, and luckily the first 18 minutes of the film was already rendered and saved. I rendered the last two minutes and then put the piece together again. So now, instead of being made up of more then 5o different layers, the final film was made up of 10, so i doubled them up and reversed half, and its been rendering all night, and it 8 hours it will be ready! Its very exciting. Also i have rendered it using a different compressor, so hopefully its a much smaller video then the original attempt would have been!

Look at all the help i got!

Also here is the video rendering!! 6 hours to go!

reflections and plans

I need to lay out a plan for the next few days, i should do this all the time really, im bad at being productive.
And very good at procrastinating.

Thats probably why I like this blog so much, and the final show preparations: they are both ways for me to feel productive without actually doing anything (other then writing)

Today i walked to uni to cancel my print time. I am booked in at 11 tomorrow morning, but when i was there on tuesday he had no paper, so i had to source my own, that sounds easy enough but its not. I needed A1 paper, the right kind of paper with the right kind of coating and feeling. Most places sells rolls and sheets, but the sheets are only up to a3, maybe a2. and that just wont do. And a roll is a good 100 squids. So i went there to cancel, but then he found some paper after all! I was gonna go to The print space to get it printed, but I save much more money this way!

I’m printing a 60 x 60 cm print for the red gate gallery where i have a show its starting next week, i have to invite everyone!

I wanna apply for more exhibitions too, but thats probably a bad idea! At least for the moment.

Anyway, i was talking about a plan, and now im gonna make one!

at the moment im shooting a time-lapse of some white flowers dying, they will be dead enough by tomorrow so then i can get on with things.

This is what i need to do:

– finish white flower time-lapse.
– print print for exhibition
– do another octopus animation (i got a new one today, he is big, im gonna do one arm at a time)
– do stop motions of  toys (the bugs, the little animals, the soldiers etc.)
– stop motions of sweets (marshmallows, gummibreas etc.)
– do more time lapses of meat
– scan and animate the last of the drawings

I need to get one with putting it together the video. I think ill have it so that one animations is put on top of another, one will cover another up, that way it can be longer and still be interesting. I wanna find out how to use one of my drawings as  a particle in CC particle world in after effects too.

ok im gonna go distract myself again.

Friday the 23rd of April

It really feels like summer in coming!  I have been on the roof drawing all morning and its so lovely!

Everybody is coming out of hibernation too! Everyone is more willing to leave their house, standing outside of a pub is no longer the end of the world! I love it!

I have come up with a new idea on the background of my video today, it will be like the twirly drawings i did yesterday but more layered, so one drawing will appear on top of another so the whole thing changes from beautiful and then to slowely more disgusting, it itll start out with drawings of like butterflies and flowers but then worms and slugs and other bugs will come on to of that and then eventually tere will only be like worms or something like that. Like i said i did some drawings today and ill try then out to see if it works.

I have been looking in to projectors and if  wanna buy one im gonna have to get a job or something! I really fancy getting an HD projector but that will set me back min £800 and then to get any use of it ill need like a bluray player as well, unless i connect it to a computer… i dont trust mine to work well enough to do that. But then if i do get a projector ill also have to insure it, or just hope that nothing happens to it! ill do some more reaserch and see what happens.

i did a wideo yesterday just trying out some more stuff, have a look:

April 22nd – After Effecting

Yesterday we had the MPRs for the last few online yr 1 and part time yr 1 guys, its was interesting to see what everyone has been up to!

Today i have a tutorial at 15.00, and untill then ill be after effecting. I’m really enjoying learning to use it, but i also find it a bit frustrating that i didnt start years ago!

I have been working on trying to animate my drawing, in a way were they kind of grow to life, its pretty tricky, and i dont really know what is the best way to do it. I have been using the stroke effect, that slowely reveals the drawing underneath. Its a bit of a pain as i have to draw over the whole thing with one long mask line:

So i did some tests using another drawing from a few years ago and this is the results:

Then i mirrored it and added a few more twirls:

and then, just cuz i have spent so much time learning about after effect i thought id use some of the stuff just to show that i can do it, this is nothing like what i want the final thing to look like AT ALL but its still kinda cool

i made some quick black and white pictures in photoshop to create the floor and walls in the room, then i used them to create a 3d room, i placed to pink lights in there to get that colour and the shadows on the walls. I placed the drawing in the middle at an angle, and added some particles using cc particle world, they have a glow behind them aswell. I did a slight camera movement to see the 3d space but its not very noticeable. It was a bit of fun really, but its all video co pilot, but its nice to know that i remember things!

i am uploading and rendering two new vids at the moment, they are made with the drawing above