NEW work

For this years Metric Collective Pop Up shop on Columbia Road I created two brand new digital prints.


Screen Shot 2013-09-14 at 16.32.17

Screen Shot 2013-09-14 at 16.32.25


I have named them Untitled Portal Blue & Untitled Portal Red – very creative, i know.

Both have a fish scale background, Red Snapper and Mackerel if you are interested. The symmetry is more complex then my pervious and contains of multiple layers.

Usually my circular print like this are more random, I never start out thinking what would be the centre and how it might look after i have mirrored it… this time however i had a plan. I wanted something that would look like a portal or a sphere when seen from afar, something a little more 3 dimensional. I went from dark to light, not just in colour but also in subject matter… slugs, bugs and worms in ┬áthe dark, and flowers and butterflies in the light. I might revers these one day, use some lovely white slugs etc.

Printed them on 20×30″, on lovely velvety photorag. It makes the backs look stunning.

Might post some details in the future.


Paper again

I’m desperately trying to put together this essay which at the moment consists only of random knowledge and an excessive amount of quotations. Hopefully it will all fit together nicely… eventually. I’m still struggling with how the layout of the paper is suppose to be, Andy mentioned that it should start with the abstract and then the 5 words… and then the introduction and the rest of the paper? I’m also not sure if we are suppose to have the illustrations in the paper or after it? I prefer to put them in the paper but during my dissertation we were told to put it at the end…

Yet again im getting distracted, its the ski jumping large hill competition, damn Olympics!!!