Nom nom Nam Dok Mai


Nam Dok Mai Mango, the most delicious Mango I’ve ever eaten, at £4.49 it’s also
the priciest, but it’s worth it! Nom nom nom. So goods I had to share it! 



I just watched the bbc doc on the edinburgh pandas and couldn’t help but feel that not only did the pandas look quite sad, but also that the bbc are ignoring major parts of the story, like the political backgrounds and the epic costs etc. Also the guy who organized it totally looks like a vampire – a vampire that was totally unimpressed by the pandas sending off ceremony.

I did enjoy all the funny costumes they had wear at the conservation centers.
I am slightly obsessed with Pandas but I think they ought to keep them in China.

Perhaps if I offer them salmon without questioning their human rights issues they will give me a panda? they’re only 75K a year to feed, and I do have a balcony with a view (of Lower Clapton but no one needs to know that…)

This is an old drawing that suits this blog perfectly.

Pandamic, originally uploaded by inadorthea.