Good train


Spent the weekend in Devon and took the train up to London on monday morning, it’s a lovely train ride! Now it’s back to work…
Oh and those filler longer m&s things totally work! Gonna recreate using tesco!

Read my way threw most of Jane Austin… Only Sense and Sensibility left- leaving that for later, gonna read some Dickens and some Wild now!

Drawings to come soon… I just need a day off.



Thank god we got another nice day, the rain and the clouds are driving me crazy!

Lately i have been a little reduced, mentally anyway, but the sun helps. I missed the run threw of the assessment thing yesterday, but i probably wasnt the only one. I try to check my uni email every day but didnt look at it on Thursday or Wednesday afternoon, i think i need a bit more notice next time, hopefully someone will let me know what its all about.

I did some experiments with icecubes, and did a short time lapse where the icecubes melt, these ones have food colouring in them:

Its nothing special yet but ive been playing with it during the after effects tutorials and im gonna do some more soon, im getting my tripod back on sunday and borrowing a light box and some serious lights from Luke that he uses when he takes photos of his jewellery.

As I said I  have been doing some on-line tutorials for after effects which has been pretty handy, though i have yet to do anything with it, mainly i have been drawing. I have added some to my flickr