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Grandmas memory

My grandmother (I call her Mimmi) turned 80 this year, I went over for dinner on Saturday with my mum and my sister. We were talking and my grandmother told us about what they had for dinner during her youngest sons baptism some 45 ++ years ago or something. I could barely remember what we had for dinner at my last birthday party, and my mum could not even remember that we had a birthday party for me at all last year. My grandma remembers everything.

Thuesday 20ts of april and yesterday

So yesterday i made a plan for the day and it worked out pretty good.

I have made a new plan for today but i thought i would talk about what i ended up doing yesterday first:

I set up the equipment to take some photos but i forgot the power leads for the lights so i could not take any photos yesterday. Instead i worked on some application forms and in after effects where i figured out how i can animate my drawings using the stroke effect, once i have played with it some more i will make a little vid to show it off.

I got a new notebook for unit 2 as i filled out the first one just in time for the swap. I love having new notebooks, they always start out so neat and organized but give me four days and it will be a mess too!


So today the plan is this

– 07.00 wake up, go home, food shop

– set up photo shoot

– breakfast ( i made arnold bennet omelet without the fish, it was lovely!)

– blog, email, unimail etc.

– shower

– after effects

– 13.00 walk to uni

– chat session with the online yr 2s about the degree show

– 15.00ish go home

– shop for bbq, make potato salad

– draw/after effects depending on the weather and time

– have a BBQ!

UPDATE: so it turns out that the meeting today will happen online via Google wave ,so i wont have to go in to uni after all!

Research paper


Yesterday we did a quick run-threw of the research paper questions and as usual when it comes to any written work i am way behind… But it was good, and i managed to jolt down some note before it was my turn and I think i already had a lot of it sorted out in my brain already.

So my initial idea was to look at beauty and aesthetics and blah blah blah but that stuff is really boring so I changed my mind and decided to go with disgust instead, and its way more interesting. So I was reading in “The Anatomy of Disgust” and in there i found a quote by Darwin: “… A smear of soup in a mans beard looks disgusting, thought there is of course nothing disgusting in the soup itslef. I presume that this follows from the strong association in out minds between the sight of food, and the idea of eating it”¬† (See the whole quote in the post “Bleh”)

I find that the most effective aspects  in my work (at lest on the disgusting side of it) is the mixture of food and bugs, because ppl immediately associate the food with the idea of eating it. Like this one, with the butterflies on the meat, and the meat on the sweets:

So i was thinking to look in to the different theories of disgust and what is instincts and what is culture, but that dont really have much to do with art..But it is a good place to start. So I’ll be looking at artists that work with food, and especially in situations where it is suppose to be disgusting. Andy was also saying i should look at the differences of using disgusting imagery to promote a feeling of disgust and disgust to ad shock value. Like looking at Damien Hirst and how he uses meat to create something that shocks instead if disgusts. So like shock and disgust in contemporary art using food…

Ugh, i have now spent most of the day deleting spam from disgustingbeautiful.com, its great fun, alex who made the site is talking to the guy that did the programming, so hopefully we will get something sorted asap!

I really dont like eating breakfast

I really dont like eating breakfast, its like a chore, and having to eat the same cereal every day just makes it worse, but i dont have time for anything else…

anyways, soon i will have time for something else!! I’m pretty much done with everything that needed to be done, today i just have to write some emails, fill in another application form and have a bath before i start packing! I’m flying home on saturday and hopefully the prints for the show will be ok in my suitcase and the big print should be waiting for me when i get home! It’s being printed by the really nice people at BK Trykk, and they are mounting it for me as well, it wont cover the whole wall but its still gonna be pretty big, around 2.2 x 2.2 meter! I’m so excited now, but also really exhausted!Had my project proposal presentation yesterday witch went pretty good i think, at least ok… i wasn’t very prepared tho…

i’m looking forward to getting my head around the project and start making some work, i think im gonna start off by trying some small time lapses, maybe even try to convince my boyfriend to let me use his light cube and lights…

Will post some picks from the exhibition sooooon!!!!!!!!!! YEY!!!


Seriously running out of time to finish my proposal but will do my very best, i just had to post this painting by Arcimboldo, i used to love his paintings as a child and i think this one is pretty cool;

All the things i should be doing

I am a master of procrastination…

in a week my funding application for my exhibition in norway is due, but instead of filling it out im looking at my classmates blogs, and while i was doing that i realized that i should be reading books now, researching, but i cant because i need to fill in this form, in order to fill in the form i need to email the curator, but i am suppose to send her my artist statement, so i cant email her until i have finished the statement, i was gonna do that last week but i probably found something else that i should have been doing. I need to eat breakfast now, i might skip the lecture today, i dont have time, i have to go to work tomorrow, saturday and tuesday, im even avoiding eating breakfast now, thinking that if i dont get up, time wont pass.