5th Birthday moster card


5th birthday card monster for Joseph!


New video stuff

Im making some new shorter videos at the moment, just for fun really…
here is screen shot of the one im rendering now, just made it quicly with some of the butterfly stop motions from ages ago:

morning boredom leads to madonna

So i was avoiding my essay and looking about the internett for nothing in particular, when i remembered that the dvd fro madonnas sticky and sweet tour is out, so i thought i would look it up on uyou tube, and i found something even better:

this hd video from her show in Budapest, it shows the backdrop really well:

like the backdrop? i like the symmetry in it, and the drawings… also i like it cuz i made it! 
well i did 3 original photoshop files, with lots and lots of layers and then some other guy did the animation! Its pretty different from what im doing now, but its basically the same, my prints coming to life! im happy to finally have found a  good quality video of it, the official dvd shows way to much of madonna and not enough of the backdrop!


Happy 17th of May! The biggest celebration of the year back home is today, and i have a hangover worthy of tomorrow! We celebrated one day early with an indoor bbq and drinking games that are usually reserved for 17 year olds, it was brilliant, and even more brilliant was Luke doing all the dishes this morning!

I have been a bit bad with the blogging lately, still working hard but everything i make now is too big to upload on the internett, and i dont really have time to resize everything.

I did another octopus animation the other day and it came out pretty cool, but i might fo another one tomorrow after the meeting. Here are some screen shots from the vid i put together using the octopus stop motion

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See some of the final shop updates in my final show page!

Mid Point Review Stuff

I made a pretty quick power-point presentation for my mid point review, but i forgot my adapter so i couldn’t connect my laptop to the projector. So i just rambled on using my blog to show the images and films. As most people had seen my work before i think they got a pretty good idea of what its all about, tho some of the part timers seemed to miss the point.

I showed the trial videos from vimeo where i layered the mirrored timelapse of the sky with parts of an old print of mine, and Ethel mentioned that it might be better if the image on top was more see threw so that you could see the sky in the background better. In an attempt to show of the background better i put this together today:

i used smaller images on top, so you can see a lot more of the background. But I dont plan on using the time lapses of the sky in the final work, i want to try to use images of things either rotting or growing.

Another thing that came up during MPR was the theme of my work: Disgusting/Beautiful. Someone mentioned that they did not see the disgusting side to it, but i blame that on the poor projection. I didn’t choose the subject matter first and then make the work to fit it, it was something that developed naturally threw the previous years and i dont see a need to change it, it might evolve further in the future but forcing it would be a bad idea.

Playing with the symmetry in the work seems like a more interesting idea. I have made unsymmetrical work before, like with this one:

unsymetrical print

and with images mirrored in different ways like with these circles:


I plan to try and do some work mirrored more like the circles, and play with the kaleidoscope effects, without having the images move just like a kaleidoscope would. It was mentioned that maybe it would be good to have the image move in a way the changes the symmetry in them, maybe having them slowly turning asymmetrical. Someone also mentioned using super super slow motion or super fast fastforward/timelapse. I really like the idea of making something that moves so very slowly that you dont notice it moving at first, maybe something that when you come back to see it 15 later will barely have changed.

After Effects was mentioned as well and it was said that i could do what i have been doing a lot easier in after effects, witch i dont doubt, but i need to learn it first. It was mentioned that i could very easily ad sound aswell in after effects but i have decided i wont be using sound with the work, i find sound is often very annoying in a gallery space unless its amazing, and if i want my work to be more like a print then an animation that sound is out of the picture. When working in after effects i could also work more 3d, and take advantage of the fact that my work is often a 3d thing laid out on the floor. It would not always have to be a flat almost static thing… But doing something just because the software allows me to doesn’t mean that doing so make the work any better. Next thing i know ill be using lens flares and putting little yellow rubber ducks everywhere.

Reading threw this i feel i come off a bit negative and even resentful towards some of the comments made during the mpr, but im really not, it was very interesting to hear what people have to say and i think it made me realize how much more work i need to do, and also that i need to work on my presentation skills and try to make my ideas clearer. I’m gonna blame the negativity on the fact that i had two of my wisdom teeth removed yesterday and it still hurts a lot!


Speaking of the new year i thought id share this fun little site http://moninavelarde.com/newyears/, i think it might have been mentioned in the metro today, but as usual “the ridiculant” section is way behind on its sites.

Anyways, i decided to try out this thing a friend of mine does, witch is to make one drawing everyday and the post it on a blog, knowing me that probably wont happen but i’ll give it a try, and to make up for the last 4 days i made two today! I say drawing but i mean doodles, way different. I’ll pop in a better pic once i can be bothered to dig out my scanner so for now the photos will have to do:

and this it the rather silly front page of my new sketchbook:


I got it working!!! Putting the camera in PTP mode (in the USB menu) lets me connect my camera to my mac using the usb port, so now i can take photos and make time lapses in istopmotion, so now every images is automaticly downloaded in to the software and the film made for me. Im not sure what to do with it but im still excited. istopmotion is compatible with final cut pro so i think i can use the films created in istopmotion and hopefully be able to mirror and stuff in final cut or something!

now i need to get one of those things that lets me plug in the camera so im not dependent on the battery! I’m so excited!

UPDATE: iStopMotion turned out to be a bit shit, well maybe not, but i didnt like it