Had a few pretty lazy days after not feeling to well on monday, yesterday was spent drawing and baking and amazing globe birthday cake for my friend Sophie. Having my first tutorial tomorrow and I’m taking my poor laptop to the doctors. I have still not made it to the print space but I have decided I am gonna start the large piece today (after I’ve had some cake).

Drawing 23.09.09


Telling Tales and worries

I went to The V&A yesterday and saw the exhibition “Telling Tales” witch showed art pieces made by designers. It was a brilliant little exhibition focusing on some of my favourite subjects; design art and  fantasy/fear. I got the book that accompanied the show and i think it’ll be really good to read it especially for the research paper.

Today I’m gonna get a basic plan for the exhibition in Norway and then go to the print space on Kingslad Road to get an idea how much printing and mounting and shipping will cost me, that way I can apply for funding from my county government back home. It’ll be a lot of work getting the exhibition plan done, but its doable, i have the floor plan and ill just have to pick out something like 20 pieces of my BA work.

As for the disgusting/beautiful research website I have a design ready, a friend of a friend has done the programming and my friend Alex Bolton will put it all together for me (gotta know your resources!) My only worry about the site is people purposely messing it up but hopefully pushing it towards creatives and not 14 year old boys the result should be pretty good. I’m pretty excited!

Bfast time now!


ops not done a thing, been stuck on the sofa feeling rubbish all day! 😦

I’m 6 days in to my MA degree and the initial reaction is PANIC!!!!

I think I’ve mentioned it already but I’m finding this blogging stuff really hard! I have no problem writing about what I had for dinner or some bit of art that I find really interesting, but writing about my work is impossible, its like a wall in my brain (possibly put in there by Darren Brown) and it stops me from actually writing anything substantial… must break threw wall…

Ok, so here is like a brief outline of my practice, my project and my interests:

I’m a print maker I guess… but I’m not, I just make things that can be printed. I take photos sometimes but I’m no a photographer, its just how I make stuff sometimes… I’m not a painter, but I thought I was once. I draw. Sometimes I draw with pens and pencils and sometimes with pictures of meat or with dried beans.

I like objects and images that are both disgusting and beautiful at the same time, and that what I want my work to look like. I want people to discover more and more little things in the pieces as the look at them closer. I like things that contradict themselves, like toy guns, or taxidermy butterflies.

My project is pretty simple: I wanna make my work move. I wanna create some sort of multi screen animation on a loop that slowly and organically changes and grows, eventually starting up where it started. I want it to be big, overwhelming, beautiful and maybe a bit disgusting. How I’m gonna do this I have no idea.

I love the idea of not only digitally mirroring the work as I have done but also physically doing it, to give the effect of something very, very large.

My main concern about my project is feeding the theoretical side and the research paper I have to write, I have, I guess, something to work with, but I really cant imagine any kind of all important question that needs answering. Maybe I’ll look in to aesthetics, but it’s such a massively large subject area…

The mail reason for my panic has to do with this very large, very exciting group exhibition I am taking part in back home in Norway… I’m gonna be showing something like 10 – 18 pieces of work, some of witch are not done yet, one is 3 x 4 meter and none are printed… and it opens on November the 21st (thus the panic).

Panic and Scrambled Eggs

So, it’s about 8.30 and I’m just about to make some scrambled eggs for breakfast. I have around 10 months to finish my project. In something like 30 weeks I have my first assessment and in a little more then a month I have to hand in my ‘finished’ project proposal… And in 2 months I have to have at least ten new pieces ready for print (including a 3 x 4 meter one) so I can send it all to Norway for an exhibition. Oh and in around 4 hours I have to meet Luke for lunch. It’s gonna be hectic!

Yesterday was my first day at Camberwell and my head is going “YEY I’m a student again!!!” and “FUCK! I have so much work to do!!”

I’ll explain my project later, It’s bfast time now…