May have posted this before, but i just love it.


Berlin artist Julia Kissina’s Fleischfrisuren (from ’96-’97).


biscuits and no tea

I’m having biscuits but no tea, dont have time. Just thought i’d do a quick blog before i head off to work.

Ugh work, thats my main problem at the moment, finding a balance between uni, work and exhibition. I’m doing two days a week at work now, then i have two days at uni a week and sunday is off day (am i allowed to have an off day?), leaving monday and friday to do some work but i am way to easily distracted… and most evenings i’m asleep just after dinner.

I was gonna scan some drawings in today but only have ten min till i have to leave for work so hopefully tomorrow morning.

Some good news tho, i went to Farnham on sunday and picked up my books (hurrah!) so now i almost have a bibliography for my proposal, i dont have a question tho… ops. Somethign to do with beauty and disgust i guess, does beauty have a place in contemporary art or something lame like that,  but i wanna talk about the disgusting bits too, so i really have no idea. anyhoo

on our way back from Farnham we went on a spontaneous visit to Hampton Court Palace, pretty impressive stuff. I took some photos but running out of time, so here is just one awesome photo, the wall is covered with guns and swords, its pretty crazy!

ok work now 😦

Idea time!

I’m loving being a student and being in a creative environment, it’s brilliant! I’m getting new ideas all the time, not all that great tho…

I have realized that I probably have to look in to aesthetics, something i think is really interesting, but at the same time its such a massive subject area. I love learning about why we think the way we do, how certain things are built in to our brain to keep us alive and multiplying. I want to look further in to what objects and things people find beautiful and what they think are ugly or disgusting. Looking in to this should help me make my work more effective. I looked in to this before,  I sent out an email to friends and got them to send me lists of what they thought were beautiful and what they thought was disgusting. The results were mixed, and not that many people participated, but it did help feed my work. This time around I want to create a website where people can easily ad words in to two boxes, and hopefully I can get a much larger participation. The result should be able to feed both my theoretical work and more importantly my practical work, im particularly interested in words/objects/things that might show up on both the ‘beautiful’ and the ‘disgusting’ list.

I have set some wheels in motion and hopefully experiment 1.2 should be up and running soon!

Natural History Museums got it going on.

So I’ve gotten the worst bit out of the way, i really cant stand writing about the project…

I went to the Natural History Museum yesterday, again. It is probably one of my favourite places in London, and I feel very at home there, probably because i spent a great deal of my time at a similar smelling museum back home (The whaling Museum). We spent a lot of time looking at rocks and gems and there really are some crazy awesome rocks out there! More importantly tho, there is this: Now, I’ve had this idea before but it’s great to see how effective it is!

This is a single screen with a bit of mirror around it, it looks awesome!

This is basically 4 x 5 screens with some massive mirrors around it turning it in to a massive massive globe. I love how big it looks!

My project… sort of.

I’ve been dreading writing about my project all weekend… but I guess I have too.

Right, so the basic idea is that i wanna further develop my current practise. I make digital prints by mixing hand drawing, photography and digital image collaging. Now I’d like to move away from digital print and towards moving image and installation. Instead of being printed on paper i want my work to be displayed on screens (Proper nice HD screens would be cool).

God, I’m really not enjoying writing about this… ok…

So, i wanna create movement in my work, more like a kind of natural organic growth, like something changing slowly while you look at it, subtle movements… I like the idea of the movements being being never ending, like a big loop.  I love the idea of creating something massive, that fills your whole field of view.

I’m gonna pop some images and stuff up that im interested in and that inspire me, and hopefully i should be able to express my self better next time.