Metric summer shop 2013





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United by geometry, Metric celebrates creative talent across all disciplines. Our third summer shop held in the heart of east London on the historic Columbia Road will be an outstanding showcase of award-winning designers and makers, from fashion and craft to illustration and installation.
7th JULY  –  1st SEPTEMBER 2013


Metric is a collective of thinkers and doers, designers and makers who believe in the strength of co-creativity to engage and empower.

Metric will showcase the famed ‘Faceture’ series by Phil Cuttance. These faceted vessels are created individually in resin using a hand made mould, to see the process in action the click here.
This project was nominated Design of the year 2013 by the Design Museum, London.
Eleanor has developed a unique craft technique, coiling and hand stitching cotton rope to create lightweight tactile jewellery. Sculptural in quality, Eleanor’s work focuses on hand manufacturing techniques which is demonstrated by the oversized scale of her pieces.
Lucy Jay is the brilliant designer behind her eponymous scarf label, loved for its explosive colours and experimental patterns and composition.
The Me+You wrapping paper from Frinton Press was the impressive result of a collaborative print project.  Submitted artists’ work were selected and paired together, each hand printed piece of kraft paper has one work in white and the other in black.
frinton press

Danny Espinoza is a multi disciplinary artist and designer who creates work which is bold in simplicity yet holds a sense of obscurity through meaning.


Shimell and Madden occupy the space where craft, art and fashion intersect. Makers of jewellery and objects, they explore themes of science and time.

SKEV A.K.A. James Skevington is a graphic designer turned illustrator and artist who uses a heady combination of geometric patterns with bold colour palettes. He will be showing both his risograph prints and creating the installation for the shop window.

Naomi makes fluid forms in jewellery, working in wood and perspex she highlights the intricacy and interplay of space within her pieces.
Ina creates digital prints that explore the nature of beauty and disgust, focusing on the areas where they overlap. Her symmetrical work is created using a mixture of digital and traditional techniques. This year Ina will be showcasing new work created exclusively for Metric.
Contemporary jeweller, John Moore, creates his unique pieces from anodised aluminium.  Colour, form, movement and tactility, are combined harmoniously to create new forms of jewellery that are visually striking, extremely wearable, and charged with positivity.

JACK DOVE – email

SKEV – website
LORA AVEDIAN – website

TOM CAREY – email


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The why? of the quiet.

Boy, oh boy, it sure has been quiet here for a while. For multiple reasons:

1: I went on holiday

2: Work got crazy (im talking 15h days 15 days straight crazy)

3: Work got normal, i needed a break.

4: I started working on something i still can’t share.

5: I started working on something im about to share (see below)

6: Some people had babies they need cards and stuff.

7: I cut my finger. See below below for graphic image (warning: graphic image)


New work for Metric summer pop up on Columbia Rd opening tomorrow! (more to follow)

I cut my finger at work and had to have 6 stitches and the nail taken off (its back on now, temporarily)


I’m thinking it should be in a new print.


Nail now black and red. Named it.Frankenfinger.


Here is another picture from the shop to help you get over the trauma of my finger.

2012 in theory!!


Happy New Year!!! I’ve just posted the 2011 numbers and they are not great… its been a sloppy year, especially on the blog side of things. But it was not all bad:

Along with Metric Collective I took part in two exhibits, and from that I sold some work and got some interests. 2012 will bring more Metric (see details further down).

I got a new job that I actually like; as a sign writer and store artist at Whole Foods Marker! Its part time so in theory I still.have time to do my own work!
Soon the better bags I designed will be available in all the London stores, so if you feel like your life is missing a patriotic London reusable bag: watch this space!

I’ve made very little new work this year but that’s what 2012 is all about!!

I’ve decided to focus on one series of work this year: Portals. At least that’s what my BA tutor called them… The circles that have been mirrored 4, 6, 8 or 10 times. Only I’m thinking more digital and drawn and less photo-y.

Metric Collective is opening the pop up shop again this year, on Columbia road, in july and august and I’m hoping I’ll have some work ready to show there. With the Olympics it will hopefully be a busy space!

And 2012 is all about the blogging and the tweeting and all that jazz.

On the personal side I intend to eat less potato and cycle more.
Lets cross our fingers!

Happy New Year!

Baked goods, new jobs and grand plans!

I got a new job!!!!!!!!!!!! A real job!!!! Or… HALF of one. Im working in the marketing department at Whole Foods Market, as a sign maker! I get to do computery things and drawing and writing, I have to learn their special fonts and all kinds of stuff! Its great, its my first proper job, no customer service involved! And I love it! I wish it was full time!!

So with my four days of free time every week I can get my act back together, make some more art and drawings and stuff!! I have yet to do any (ive been lazing for a while) but its in the plans!

What I have done is baking!!

S’more Cupcakes!!!:


Peanuttbutter Cohocolate Pie!:

Its from the Hummingbird Bakery book Cake Days and its SOOOOO tasty!