Stolen bikes, sea life and Untitled 31

Untitled 31, originally uploaded by inadorthea.

Ive been a bit quiet this past few days, i have had other stuff on my mind…
SOMEONE STOLE MY BIKE! It was the first time i have ever locked it up, and i was so worried i constantly checked on it… one minute it was there, the next it was gone. Im gutted! I loved that bike, it was only a year old 😦

anyways, now i can start getting executed about getting a new one ! Yey new bike!

I did spend some time on other stuff too… I have redone my CV 4 times this weekend, and nearly finished my portfolio, so i can send it out to the world! Its not my art portfolio, more a everything i can do portfolio… its a little bit exciting.

AND i have been thinking about my next set of work… i want to leave the garden (flowers, worms, bugs, butterflies etc and move to the sea! I did this one print a few years back, with eels and jelly fish and other sea stuff, and i think i want to do more of that!

Via Flickr:
A1 Digital Print, digital collage and hand drawing, created in photoshop


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